This is Not My World

from by Verbal Razors




"You just have to make a choice between
The hunter or the prey
Fuck it before it fucks you, be a man"
Those are not my words, this is not my world

"When we're gettin' into trouble
We have to find someone to blame
We get a load of our chest"
Those are not my words, this is not my world

When you go with the crowd feeling alive
You think you're cool but you suck
If you strain your brain with that shit
You'de better shoot yourself in the head

You're straight through my target
You'de better go back with your race to the down
Your fuckin' rules will not reign with me
I do not need your toxic words

We rise our flag, and it's not yours

I'm sick and tired of your fuckin' load
You pervert everything you talk about
Maybe you're able to kill hope and laughter
But we won't let this shit happen
This is not my world, this is not my world
So what is my world ?

Your only victory is to make me hateful
But I won't fall into your trap, I have to save my soul

We don't need no priest, no master, no fucking dumbs
Because we simply live and do not need your toxic words
Your toxic words

You're always talkin' about love, it scares me
But despite appearances, dear asshole
You're driven by fear, I'm driven by love


from Misleading Innocence, released February 1, 2016



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