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Sometimes I'd like to think that future generations
Will be less stupid than ours

But in my darkest hours,
I feel like any kind of hope is just illusions

I end up looking like the ones I hate
Maybe I'm just a "bastard", like everyone else

We take our slice of the cake despite that we dislike the taste of it
Criticisms, consumers, face to face with our contradictions

What is your ambition ?

Sometimes I'd like to hope that future generations
Could find the way to believe without lying to themselves
Garden of Eden has long since passed
'Cause somehow, at some point, we endorse what we used to fight

Organised waste - Who's the enemy ?
Naked monkey who's able to say "I know"
The more we're aware, the guiltiest we are
Cause we have our set of keys but don't want to see the gates


from Misleading Innocence, released February 1, 2016



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